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$100/hr for the full setup

See how it's done and what people who've used Snip Snap Go have to say about it

Here is a new product, Stage 5 Clinger, that holds your cigars when you need to hit that golf ball or wrangle that fish . Charlie from www.stage-v.com/ visited snipsnapgo to take photos of his products for his growing website!

Sara from www.metalandmayhem.com gets her hands on the snipsnapgo system and her fears and nervousness about photography is immediately dissolved. Thank you Sara for your enthusiasm and talent!

SnipSnapGo tackles shooting white reflective objects on white, and other success!

Kati Merkl from Merkled Studios llc. recently moved her custom furnishing studio from Portland to Chicago needing new imagery, here's what she had to say about her photo session with SnipSnapgo!  

SnipSnapMobile hikes it over to Bin 36!

Jenny Rossignuolo from Urban Source snip snaps a brand new line of Mooya Bags!

Antoine, founder of FliP Crepes, needed affordable, clean, gorgeous images to make his site look clean and professional.  He emphasized the importance of shooting it at the FliP Crepes site, so we brought snipsnapgo to him.  We provided the lighting, sweep, and gear showed him how to use the camera, and off he went.  We discovered that Antoine has a great talent for photography, it was a pleasure watching him meticulously work and get the results better than he had imagined.


A video of him at work!

Alli Leib, lead graphic designer at Holly Hunt interior furnishings, shoots some of her graphic design work for her portfolio.  An other Snip Snap Success!