You just finished polishing off your new product design, stitched the last stitches, affixed your newly designed label, and now you need photos. Most importantly, you need to get your product or you online ASAP.  NOW WHAT?

  • Hire a professional photographer that charges a lot for simple shots?

  • Shoot everything with your phone and hope the images look good enough?

  • Buy a camera, lighting equipment and software and try to figure it all out?

You need professional, clean, consistent photos that make you proud to show off your brand. You need photos that won’t cost you a ton of money and drama. You need photos quickly that won’t require a ton of editing to make it look presentable.  You need SnipSnapGo!



How SnipSnapGo is Different


Our entire photo system is set up ready-to-go. We set the camera, lights and backdrop. You come in with your product or person and any other propping to add interest to your imagery.


You take the photo. No camera experience needed. Zip. Zilch. The camera is tested and ready-to-go the minute you walk in the door.


Grow your business, your image and your brand with the perfect lighting and imagery to capture your presence in the market.

Photos Taken by SnipSnapGo Clients

Product Shots, Models, Boutiques, Food, Headshots


What Our SnipSnapGo-ers Say

I’ve been doing most shooting myself for years. It was great! The photos turned out better than I expected!
— Kati Merkl -
The place is awesome! The equipment was great and it made all the difference in the pictures!
— Charlie -
It was great! It was easy! I cranked out pictures 20 times faster than before - because you set it all up for me and I just press the button. The photos were fantastic!
— Sara Walter-

Have something to photograph? We got you.

Here's How it Works



• Book your shoot.

• Gather your product/props/people etc. and come on over.

 Our studio is staged, lit and ready to go.

• Set up and style your shot. 

• Snap the photo.  Lights flash! Unlimited photos included.

• Session done. You pay. We deliver.


Product Photography $100 PER HOUR

Two Lighting Set-Ups Available


Our standard go-to lighting set up. Even soft lighting. 



If combined with Soft Lighting -  $25 extra per hour. Add extra dimension to your photos with strong shadows. 


Headshot Photography $100 Per Hour

The lighting and camera will be set up and you and your friend will enjoy photographing each other in a relaxed setting while the SnipSnapGo Team insures you get a fabulous image.

Perfect headshot lighting, set up to make everyone look and feel beautiful. The most comfortable setting to get your photo taken by your friend, your buddy, your special someone. The SnipSnapGo team will be nearby to help in anyway needed. 

30 minutes of photography, $100. Unlimited images. Unlimited looks. Need more time? Extend your booked time.