Snip Snap Go Founder - Erika’s Light Bulb Moment

A few years ago, I had a photo shoot booked with a client’s new online clothing boutique. There was a lot of back and forth about rates and fees. The client understandably didn’t have the budget for my usual photography rate or even my lowered rate. After mulling this over and over - “what do they need, what do they want and why? And what do I have that they need?“ The answer is the lighting. I had the lighting gear and knowledge of how to set it up.  Once the camera and lighting is set up, nothing changes except for what’s in front of the camera. Why not prepare the studio for the shoot, hand them the camera and charge less? I tried it, the clients tried it, and they were overjoyed!  BOOM, it worked!  SnipSnapGo was born!


Hi! I'm Erika Dufour! What has brought me most joy in my life is helping people achieve their artistic ideas and shifting their belief that anyone CAN and IS artistic in their own way.  I've worked with global brands, artists and thought leaders for over 15 years and worked with top international advertising and digital agencies such as Leo Burnett, Upshot, Young and Rubicam, Landor Associates, to name a few. SnipSnapGo has allowed me to share the creative spirit of what I've learned over the years with the ever-changing photography industry.

Hi! I'm Renee Gooch! I've been shooting portraits and documentary style work for over a decade and have mastered many roles in the creative industry including: working at ad agencies, art galleries, managing photo studios and creating/operating my own portrait business. I have a great affinity connecting with people, business development and strategy all the while keeping an eye on the creative.