Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have photos already. Why would I even need your service?

    If you're good to go, then congrats! If you have photos but they are kind of dull and boring...then come to us and we'll provide the expertise lighting, and the glam your product/person needs to shine! Or if you've got a great photographer, keep them, but consider us for those times you need a quick batch of new photos for say, marketing material, new product updates, etc.


  • Do I need a camera?

    Nope. We got you. We supply the camera and configure your camera settings before you begin shooting. 


  • Who takes the photos?

    You do! Even without any camera experience, we'll make the entire experience a breeze and we'll be close by if you have any questions. We got you. And if a consult is needed, either of the two founders, who are experts in the photography field, will be on site to lend a hand.


  • Do I have to set up the lights and camera?

    We'll have EVERYTHING set up and ready to go the minute you walk in the door.


  • What do you mean everything is ready to go when I walk in the door?

    The studio lights are on (& tested), camera settings set & camera tethered to computer to capture your amazing photos. You're given complete control on styling your product/person.


  • Do I need to understand how lighting works?

    Nope. We got you there too, with our 20 years of combined photography experience, we have the lighting covered.


  • What if I have a question while I'm taking photos?

    We LOVE questions. Any and all. Ask away now and during your shoot. We're on site at all times to answer any questions and help make lighting and styling adjustments while you shoot.  


  • How much does this cost?

    $100 an hour is the starting rate for one lighting setup. If you would like multiple lighting setups, please check our pricing page for added fees.


  • What if I book and need to cancel?

    We're cool with that. Life happens. You can cancel or reschedule - no cancelation fee for either.


  • Do I get my photos immediately?

    You sure do! The same day of your shoot, you'll receive your photos. We use a super user-friendly online transfer system to upload your files and send them your way.


  • Do you edit my photos?

    Nope, not at the present. But we have a few awesome tutorials to provide or a short list of killer editing ninjas who will bring your photos even more glam!


  • Is there easy parking near your studio?

    You bet there is & it's free!