Product Photography $100 PER HOUR

Two Lighting Set-Ups Available


Our standard go-to lighting set up. Even soft lighting.



Combined with Soft Lighting - $25 extra per hour. Add extra dimension to your photos with strong shadows. 

Headshot Photography $100 for 30 Minutes

The lighting and camera will be set up and you and your friend will enjoy photographing each other in a relaxed setting while the SnipSnapGo Team insures you get a fabulous image.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.05.02 AM.png

Soft Lighting/White Backdrop

Perfect headshot lighting, set up to make everyone look and feel beautiful. The most comfortable setting to get your photo taken by your friend, your buddy, your special someone. The SnipSnapGo team will be nearby to help in anyway needed. 

30 minutes of photography, $100. Unlimited images. Unlimited looks. Need more time? Extend your booked time.